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How to Find Your Perfect Fitting Swimsuit: 5 Insider Tips

By Always On Holiday original founder (and fashion designer ), Laura

how to find perfect swimsuit ?

Look for swimsuits that highlight your curves and provide ample support. Opt for one-pieces with cinched waists to accentuate your figure, or high-waisted bikinis with underwire tops for added lift and definition. Styles with belts or wrap details can also enhance your waistline beautifully.

  • Pear Shape:

    • Balance Proportions: Draw attention to your upper body with ruffles, patterns, or bright colors on top. Opt for high-cut bottoms to elongate your legs and create a balanced look.
  • Apple Shape:

    • Define the Waistline: Choose swimsuits that create a more defined waist. One-pieces with ruching, wrap styles, or tankinis with empire waists help achieve a flattering silhouette.
  • Rectangle Shape:

    • Add Curves: Create the illusion of curves with ruffles, padding, or horizontal stripes. High-cut bottoms and bandeau tops can enhance your shape and add femininity.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape:

    • Balance Shoulders and Hips: Soften broader shoulders with wider set straps or halter necks. Look for bottoms with details, patterns, or bright colors to add volume and balance to your hips.

5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Swimsuit


1. Quality Fabrics

Professional Swimmer Dara Torres emphasizes, “High-quality swimsuit fabrics are key. They don’t get loose over time and still fit well even if your body shape changes. It’s all about durability and adaptability.”

2. Adjustable body fitting swimsuit

adjustability and body fit are crucial. by using the right strategic cuts and colors our aim is for our swimwear to flatter each body type

3. Sun Protection & Sustainability

Swimsuits must have UV rays to ensure a long life for your swimsuit and protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun and chlorinated or salty water.

4. Sizing Guide

Always check the sizing guide to ensure the perfect fit for your swimsuit. Accurate measurements are key to finding a suit that offers both comfort and confidence.

5. Plan your Activity

Each activity requires a different swimsuit style for optimal performance and comfort. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or riding the waves, choosing the right swimsuit ensures you can move with confidence and ease.

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Ever had a swimsuit that stopped fitting due to body changes?

we understand that life changes can affect your body shape, from work stress to family vacations or starting a diet program. That’s why we’ve crafted our swimsuits with premium Italian fabric. Not only does this fabric ensure longevity and vibrant colors, but it also adapts seamlessly to your changing body shape, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Change your Brand not your body

The whole idea behind Always on holiday is you should change your swimsuit style not your body shape. Women shouldn’t have to buy dozens of different swimsuit every-time they gain or lose weight especially in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

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